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Spray Tan

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Lake Mary Mobile Spray Tan

Lake Mary Mobile Spray Tan uses a low-pressure (HVLP) mist system that “mists” a flawless, even tan in about 15 minutes.  We use an organic, top of the line solution that contains a bronzer for an instant “ready-to-go” tan while the active ingredient Dihyroxyacetone (DHA) immediately begins producing a beautiful bronze color that deepens over the next 8 hours.  The DHA in the solution works on developing your tan for up to 8 hours as long as the solution is in contact with the skin.  After 8 hours, the bronzer and solution can be showered off as you have developed a natural looking, beautiful tan that can, with proper skin care as simple as using a nondrying soap and keeping your skin moisturized, last as long as 1-2 weeks.

We specialize in personal and private service to make your experience comfortable and pleasurable. 
Appointments are flexible, convenient and in the comfort of your home.  This is to accommodate your busy schedule.

Open and flexible to your schedule.  Please no calls from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

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Before and After Preparation Tips

Preparing your skin before the tanning:

  • Shaving, waxing, pedicures, facials or anything that would exfoliate the skin should be done prior to your spray tanning session.
  • Showers can be taken the night before or morning of your spray tan, whichever is convenient with the main purpose being to remove any and all lotions, perfumes, makeup or anything that would be a barrier between the  tanning solution and skin.


After your spray tan:

  • After your spray tan has been applied and your skin is dry, dress in loose fitting clothing and enjoy your day.
  • For maximal color, please allow 6-8 hours before showering.